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Greene County Public Schools is very excited to offer a unique, customized education through an Early College partnership with PVCC. WMHS students can take numerous classes throughout the school day at our local PVCC branch building, the Eugene Giuseppe Center. Almost 200 students travel the three blocks on any given day to take classes such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, art appreciation, public speaking, and more.

We are excited to also note that our school offers students the ability to earn an Associate of Science in general studies while in high school. Our first year of the program consisted of 11 students and has now grown to 98 students working towards this goal! Even more exciting is that this year, we have had 45 freshmen signed up to join the program - the program and student interest are growing by leaps and bounds! This program offers students the ability to develop college-related skills such as study habits, self-advocacy, and tenacity, but also helps their families save thousands of dollars by transferring these courses to their four-year college of choice. It is important to note that college courses can be rigorous and challenging.

Professors will expect students to be academically ready to perform at the college level in reading, writing and mathematics. Expectations for the quality of work, attendance, work ethic, and attitude will be much higher. The courses students take may be offered in various formats. Some courses are offered during the day at WMHS and are taught by WMHS teachers, while others are offered online or at the main campus. Most often, students will leave school early and attend courses at the PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center in Stanardsville. Regardless of the format, all WMHS students must work closely with their school counselor to follow the proper procedures.

Another benefit to our students is the flexibility that PVCC can provide in offering courses beyond the normal scope of high school. These dual enrollment (DE) classes taken through PVCC allow students to earn high school credit toward their high school diploma. At William Monroe High School, one high school credit on the five scale is awarded for each three-credit course. Students may use DE credit to count toward both core and elective credit. However, it is important that students conference with their counselor to ensure they are taking the appropriate courses to align with our state curriculum in the instance of core courses. 

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